•how to sell your clothes•

We accept top-brand clothes for kids and moms-to-be on consignment. You receive 40% of the price when your items sell. We make our selections based on condition, current trends and customer demand. Follow our guidelines below to make the most money from your children's and maternity clothes.


1. call 804.355.3517 to make an appointment.

We start making spring/summer appointments on December 1 and fall/winter appointments on June 1. We’ll give you the week to come in, then you can drop off your items any day during that week. 

2. Bring us clothes in excellent condition.

We accept children’s clothes (newborn-size 14), shoes and outerwear and maternity clothes. We also accept wraps, baby carriers and diaper bags in excellent condition. Shoes should be clean and free of dirt and debris. Clothes should be current and free of stains, odors, fading, holes, etc. Good Rule of Thumb: If you wouldn’t buy it in its current condition, our customers probably won’t want it either. Keep sets together. We do not accept furniture, bedding, books, toys, socks or underwear. Here's a list of brands our customers love.

3. Bring items by season.

From January–June we take spring and summer clothes (including children's Easter clothes and bathing suits). From July–December we take fall and winter clothes (including children's holiday and winter gear such as hats, coats, ski bibs and snow boots). 

4. Drop off your items in 1-2 tote bags or containers.

All clothes should be neatly folded (no hangers!). We review them within 2-3 days then call you to pick up anything we can't sell. For your convenience we donate to local, at-risk families so you don't have to come back for your clothes. Any items not picked up within five days of calling you will be donated without further notice.


5. Leave the pricing to us.

Our goal is to make you the most money possible, so we price everything by hand based on style, brand and condition. You receive 40% of the selling price. We do not charge a start-up fee.

6. Sit back and let your items sell.

Your 60-day consignment period begins when your items go on the sales floor. They sell at full price for the first 30 days. They go on sale (up to 50% off) for the next 30 days. After 60 days we donate unsold items to local charities that work with at-risk, low-income families. 

7. Our donation policy.

Since we have a large volume of consignors and inventory each season and our #1 priority is to sell your clothes, we do not contact you when your consignment period ends. We reserve the right to discount or donate at any time any damaged or out-of-season items without notifying you first. At the end of the calendar year, you may request a list of donated items for tax purposes.

8. Get paid.

You are responsible for calling us to check on your account. We recommend you wait at least 30 days after your appointment to give your items a chance to sell. We pay by check or store credit.

please call us at 804.355.3517 If you have any questions or need guidance getting your clothes ready to sell.