newborn cloth Diaper Rental

You're having a baby—CONGRATULATIONS! We know you have many decisions to make before your baby arrives. If you're trying to decide between cloth and disposable diapers, we're here to help. The cost of diapers can be daunting—a two-month supply of newborn disposables easily can set you back $250! With our 60-day rental service, you only pay $80. You simply buy your custom, cloth diaper stash (new or used) and return them when you're done. We’ll give you store credit for your total purchase price less our rental fee. You can use your credit at any time for more diapers, clothes (new and used), toys AND MORE!  It's one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on you and your family. xo.


Our newborn rental SERVICE is affordable and hassle free:

1. At least three weeks before your baby is due, come in and buy the cloth diapers you want to use on your newborn. We offer many brands and styles, so if you’d like our help call 804.355.3517 and make an appointment.

2. Along with your new stash, we send you home with free samples and detailed care and laundry instructions.

3. If you need to switch out your diapers for any reason during your rental period, you have a one-time opportunity to come in and make another selection.

4. Once your rental period ends, simply return your diapers in saleable condition. You'll receive store credit (that never expires!) for the total cost of your diapers less our $80 rental fee.